35 Ultimate Useful Android Application

Andriod (Google mobile operating system) market is growing day by day as this OS giving lot of user friendly applications, some of those listing today as our visitors and readers demand. Android on its way to bringing flashier features to Android phones.

Android is a software platform for mobile devices, powered by the Linux kernel, initially developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance. Please feel free to leave comments for other useful Android Applications worth our time.


Utilizing Android’s Google Maps application, cab4me lets users call a cab to their location with a single click. By using GPS capabilities to locate not only the user’s current location, but also the location of the nearest cab company, theapplication can initiate a call to the cab company with a mere click on the map. The application was developed by Konrad Huebner and Henning Boerger.


Scan is an Android application that finds pricing and metadata for anything with a barcode.

Advanced Task Killer Free

Advanced Task Killer Free is just what the name states, its a task manager for Android. It gives you the power to easily kill applications with one click, that run in the background, stealing bandwidth or battery time. It has the following features besides the application settings menu:

  • Click to select or unselect the app
  • Long press to activate pop-up menu
  • Menu>Settings>Notification bar icon, AutoStart, Ignore

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is a very powerful file manager for Android. It really is a must on your Android device when it comes to managing files on your sdcard. It’s packed with features, and here’s some of them:

  • Download any file with browser
  • Browse / create / extract zip files
  • Back up and restore public applications to the SD card
  • Create shortcuts
  • Send files as attachments
  • Thumbnails
  • Multiselect
  • Search
  • Image, Text, HTML Viewers


Phonebook has a cool user interface for viewing and managing your contacts. It displays your contacts with pictures and contextual information such as coming birthdays, missed calls and unread text messages. Phonebook comes with a nice landscape view, a dialer and a quick access to your favorites and most called contacts.


Brilliant and simple program to handle profiles automatically. Locale is a scriptable, location-aware settings manager. A wide range of triggering events are available like battery level, dates, times, GPS coordinates and calls from specific people can all be used. Some third-party programs even integrate with Locale, increasing the available options…


BreadCrumbz’ unique approach to navigation enables a new kind of user-created geo-content. Our aim is to develop a platform and a community where people create, store and share geo-content that is meaningful to them with their friends (“find my house”, “where I left my car at the airport”) or with the world (“best mountainbiking route in the area”, “find my cool shop”, “to your hospital’s department of suregery”, etc.).


Commandro shows where are your friends REALLY are and what are they’re doing at the moment. We use GPS location information in order to make sure that you and your friends have actually reached the planned destinations, and, hence, will display 100% true real-life event and location information with regards to your and your friends.

Facebook for Android

Pretty decent way to read and post status updates. Update your status, post pictures, check out your friends profiles, make comments all from the comfort of your device. This is a must have if you have a Facebook account.

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is a very powerful file manager for Android. It really is a must on your Android device when it comes to managing files on your sdcard. It’s packed with features, and here’s some of them:

  • Download any file with browser
  • Browse / create / extract zip files
  • Back up and restore public applications to the SD card
  • Create shortcuts
  • Send files as attachments
  • Thumbnails
  • Multiselect
  • Search
  • Image, Text, HTML Viewers

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is an Android app that serves as an alternative to Android’s default web browser. It is a extremely lightweight. Opera Mini loads most websites much faster than Android’s Browser loads the full HTML site. Extra speed is also accomplished by Opera compressing and routing the page through their own servers.

Cooking Capsules

Cooking Capsules is the first smart phone utility of it’s kind. Cooking Capsules are for anyone who wants to simplify the process of cooking. Simply “watch” a very short cooking show, “shop” with the grocery list, and “make” using the handy step-by-step recipe directions.


PicSay is a small app that lets you edit and modify photos on your phone. You can add speech balloons, any of a range of text styles, and images like hearts and stars to your photos. Or if you’re feeling less whimsical, you can modify the picture’s contrast, tint, hue and saturation levels; flip and rotate your image; and do other basic editing tasks.

Live Chat

Chat, flirt and discuss with other users in this Live Chat application. You can create your own chat groups and create a profile with photo.


This Android based Twitter app is available in a free and a pro version. Both of Twidroid’s offerings provide most every Twitter function you might need, from the basic viewing and sending tweets, following and unfollowing users, viewing profiles to the more advanced: saved searches, URL shortening, photo posting, and geo-location support.

aTrackDog (SD)

aTrackDog keeps track on what applications you have installed and/or backed-up on your SD-card and notifies you in case a newer version is available. Manually checking the applications you have installed for a new version would be a pain, and here’s a easy solution. If you go to their website you can also see a overview over the 100 most popular programs installed by its users, which is a really cool feature. The program also has some exciting features such as:

  • Track new version for backed-up apps
  • Install, delete backed-up apps
  • Export app list for sharing
  • Browse top 100 popular apps (already mentioned)

Moov for Android

It calls itself a mobile interface, but in reality Moov is a launcher. From the dashboard view, slide open the keyboard and begin typing the first few letters of your MP3,application , address book contact, and so on to get a list of search suggestions popping up on a separate screen. Moov even helps you out by offering tabs that let you search your term in the publisher’s other apps: Fbook, Quickpedia, Local (Yelp), and Dial Zero.


iSkoot is a free app for Android phones that puts Skype on your mobile. Click to call or chat with your Skype buddies! Make inexpensive international calls with iSkoot, as well, through SkypeOut. This is similar to iSkoot app for iPhone.


ShopSavvy is all about the deals. Enter a product name or barcode (using the keypad or the camera), and ShopSavvy identifies the product, searches the Web and local chain stores for the best prices, and collects reviews of the item.

Barcode Scanner

This is a really fun and nice to have application, many android applications around the web are publish with a barcode image, I’m guessing most of you have seen these floating around. And in case you didn’t understand what exactly it was, here’s the answer. Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, and more.

  • Easily scan barcodes
  • Look prices and reviews for the scanned items
  • Lots of future potential
  • User friendly


Searchify lets you perform translations, calculations, unit conversions, wikipedia searches, calendar entry and more just by typing in searches into the main search box on Android (1.6 or higher).

You can use Searchify just by hitting the search button and typing – you don’t need to open an app at all. So it can replace your wikipedia app, your calculator, unit convertor, and it’s the fastest way to do all these things.


I’ve tried many different PDF readers, and none suited my needs or was easy enough to use. Then a friend tipped me about this application and it was exactly what I was looking for. View PDF files and e-mail attachments in their desktop quality. Documents are rendered locally on device.

  • Fast full fidelity rendering
  • Intuitive granular zoom and navigation
  • Text wrap view
  • Encrypted and password protected PDFs
  • Text search
  • Bookmarks
  • Embedded links

Dolphin Browser

Now here’s a nice and feature rich browser. In my eyes it’s the best browser out there for Android. It sure beats the standard browser that’s for sure, and it really improves the mobile surfing experience. It’s fast, lightweight, supports tabs and lots more. Here are some of the features:

  • Gesture
  • Sync G.bookmark
  • DL YouTube video
  • Multi touch 4 Droid & Hero& cyanogen
  • Save cache 2 SD
  • Tabs view
  • Theme pack support


Ringdroid app for Android lets you create free ringtones from your favorite songs. Just load a song onto your SD card, select start and end points, and save it as a ringtone, alert or notification. You can even record your own ringtones with Ringdroid.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a new service from Google that gives the user his own personal phone number. You then can use your Google Voice number to make phone calls or send SMS messages from the web. And the Android app lets users do the same from their Android device. This means users can make and receive calls and text messages on your Google Voice number through your phone. Google Voice also archives all voice mails and SMS messages online, so you will never lose that important message.


ActionComplete is a high-tech to-do list for your Droid phone. It makes it easy to organize your tasks and appointments. You can even set reminders that will pop up based on where you are, allowing you to remind yourself of certain tasks at the office, others at the home, and so on.

Robo Defense

It starts like your normal tower defense game. You build mazes using several upgradable towers to try to prevent the enemies from moving from one side of the room to the other. That’s where normal ends with this game.

eBuddy IM

Many want to stay connected on MSN or Facebook chat while they are on the move, well now they can. With this eBuddy Android client one can stay online on MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk & MySpace accounts while on the move. The chat function is very organized and easy to keep track of. Personally i like this IM much more than Meebo because I haven’t had any problems with it (yet). And with Meebo i had connectivity problems all the time. Anyway, its features:

  • Fast and reliable messenger
  • Chat with multiple MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk & MySpace accounts
  • All IM friends in one buddy list
  • Run in background
  • Messages sent as data, not SMS/Text

One Nightstand Pro

One Nightstand is your new favorite bedside clock, but it’s so much more than that. One Nightstand features the usual time and date functions, but also includes current weather, upcoming calendar events, alarm, and the great “Let Me Sleep” function that lets you set a sleep timer that shuts off noises from your phone (all configurable) for a certain amount of time. In the free version, you can set the 1 hour “Nap” timer, and in the full version you can set from 1 to 12 hours of peace and quiet.


NewsRob is a RSS/Atom reader that syncs with Google Reader. If you’re like me and make use of public transportation to get to school or work and would like to keep updated with news from your favourite sites, this is the perfect thing. Like I mentioned it syncs with Google Reader and we all know how we love Google services. Some cool features are:

  • Two-way background sync
  • Download full & partial feeds including the web pages and images
  • Offline capable (You can download your feeds via WiFi then read them when not connected to the web
  • Share link by email/twitter/delicious
  • Share article in Reader
  • Star articles
  • Locale Integration
  • Hide and Auto-delete read articles
  • Supports your Google Reader categories and labels
  • Save fetched feeds and web pages on your SD card

WaveSecure Mobile Security

WaveSecure is the complete mobile security service that lets users protect mobile data, ensures privacy in the event of theft and enhances the possibility of recovering the phone. Track SIM changes, lock, backup, wipe & restore your data.

Puzzle Blox Arcade!

Puzzle Blox is a casual game with a lot of puzzling and fun for your mobile. It is inspired by games like Tetris, Bubble Breaker and Bejeweled with a different twist. Literally! Clear the levels just by tapping, twisting and tilting your phone.

  • Unique touch & tilt game play
  • Colorful graphics, beautiful themes
  • Unlimited Arcade! game mode
  • Features a demo of 2 more game modes
  • Global high score leader board
  • HD graphic mode for Motorola Droid and other WVGA devices
  • Simply addicting ;-)

Places Directory

Yet another Google Labs product for Android. As the name implies, Places Directory allows you to browse nearby places in categories like Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Hotels and Banks. You’ll see distance and directions to the destination, and if you tap on the listing, it’ll show ratings and photos. You can also call the business or view its location on Google Maps.

  • Mini-Map
  • Location Picker
  • My Favorites
  • Photo Gallery
  • Compass Direction
  • Keyword Search


This application is actually really cool. It lets you manipulate song tracks, so that you can use songs from your music library as ring-tones. Whats great about that? Well say you want the ring-tone to start 1min 30secs into the song, and last for 20 seconds (chorus maybe?), this application makes life easy for you.

  • Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, 3GPP and AMR files.
  • Song editing
  • Creating ring-tones (duh..)


You guessed it, its the official Spotify client which enables you to listen to your Spotify playlists wherever you go. You need to be a Premium subscriber to use this application, but I’d say its definitely worth it. You don’t know what Spotify is? Then it’s time you came out of your cave and check out their website. The client has all the features the computer client does (i think), and as long as you’ve either downloaded playlists to be available offline, or have a 3G connection you should be ready to go.

  • Stream your favourite music
  • Store your offline playlists
  • Share your favourite tracks with friends
  • A pretty decent Home widget



Haleron Android Tablet Ships March 1st…only $199

Posted by Cara Hulett on 26th February 2010

I love gadgets. I love Android. I love Android gadgets.

I want an Android tablet, coffeemaker, refrigerator, car, kid (this one is currently in the works), etc… At this point, we can go ahead and call it a little obsessive.


But it looks like a little known company called Haleron is all set to help me entertain my obsession.

They are releasing a cute (and by cute, of course I mean manly so don’t be scared of it guys.) little 7″ Android 1.6 based tablet called the iLet Mini HAL. I’m not sure how I feel about the name. I don’t particularly have an affinity for things starting with an “i”. And it’s not exactly a beast running a 600MHz VIA CPU with 128MB of RAM but it’s only $199 so it might be worth a try.

The Haleron iLet Mini HAL will start shipping next week. It’s available in black or white. I doubt it will sell like the iPad but it’s already looking more useful to me.


1. CPU: VIA ARM with Freescale MX Integration 600MHz

2. 7″ TFT LCD TOUCH SCREEN /Resolution: 800*480

3. Multimedia Codes: Supports MP3/Audio Format ,AVI, Motion JPEG/Video Format supports word docs, excel, powerpoint,youtube, games, severa video formats,ePub, text, html eBook formats,

4. RAM: 128MB DDR2

5. HARD DISK: 2GB NAND FLASH, Supports to 32GB Flash or 250GB USB

6. Communication: Ethernet 10/100M, WIFI:802.11B/G, 3G USB optional

7. Ports list SD x 1(support up to 32G HCSD) USB x 2 Stereo Audio out x Microphone in x

8. Audio: High-Fidelity stereo speaker output

9. 16 hours active battery – 72 hours standby

10. Software: Ocean Android OS (Upgradable) plus Many Pre-Loaded Apps

11. 10GB Cloud Storage via Halerons iConnect

Source: Androinica

Android has most free apps, Blackberry apps most expensive

Mobile app analytics research firm (yes, one exists) Disitmo has released some interesting statistics about the pricing structure for all major app platforms. Among the findings is the fact that more than half of Android's apps are free.

57% of all apps on the Android Market, according to Distimo. That's nearly double the level of any other app store. Palm's ratio of free apps ranked second at 32%. As for the iPhone? One in four of its apps are free. And the platform with the least free offering is Nokia's Ovi, with 85% of its apps costing money.

These numbers open up some interesting thoughts. It would seem to suggest that the majority of Android developers take advantage of the open-source platform and create their own apps just for the fun of it. Meanwhile, others may see it as a less-commercially-viable outlet for premium content.

Distimo also crunched together the average price of all paid apps among the platforms. Blackberry's apps topped the chart, with the average app costing $8.26. It comes as no surprise as the platform with the most business and enterprise consumers. Windows Mobile was second with an average app price of $6.99. All other operating systems clocked in at under $4.

Android has most free apps, Blackberry apps most expensive | TG Daily

Jeroan Tablet Adam Mulai Dibeberkan

Adam (notion ink)

Jakarta - Dalam Mobile World Congress, produsen hardware Notion Ink mulai membeberkan secara resmi spesifikasi jeroan perangkat tabletnya. Beberapa spesifikasinya cukup mengundang perhatian, apalagi jika dibandingkan Apple iPad.

Seperti dikutip detikINET dari Engadget, Selasa (16/2/2010), Adam merupakan perangkat berbasis Android dengan bentuk tablet. Sejak awal kemunculannya Adam selalu dibanding-bandingkan dengan iPad, meskipun tak diyakini bisa mengalahkan popularitas gadget besutan Apple itu.

Prosesor Adam merupakan Tegra 2 dari Nvidia, yaitu prosesor berbasis ARM Cortex A9 dual core. Nama Nvidia di balik Adam membuat kemampuan grafis perangkat ini cukup menjanjikan, paling tidak secara teori.

Layar sentuh yang digunakan Adam merupakan buatan Pixel Qi dengan ukuran 10" dan resolusi 1024 x 600. Hal yang menarik, layar itu memiliki beberapa modus:
  • Pertama, modus layar berwarna LCD transmisif;
  • Kedua, modus hitam putih reflektif untuk membaca e-book; serta
  • Ketiga, modus transflective yang memungkinkan LCD tetap bisa dilihat jelas di bawah terpaan sinar matahari.

Hal lain yang menarik adalah adanya kamera pada Adam. Kamera 3-megapixel itu berada di bagian atas perangkat dan bisa diputar untuk menghadap ke pengguna atau diarahkan ke luar.

Dari sisi port-nya, Adam menyediakan tiga port USB dan satu port HDMI out. Port HDMI-nya memungkinkan Adam untuk memutar video 1080p ke perangkat display eksternal. Fitur lain Adam adalah baterai yang diklaim mencapai 16 jam, kemampuan WiFi, 3G dan Bluetooth.

( wsh / wsh )

MWC 2010

Wicak Hidayat - detikinet

Dunia Tanpa Batas di Tangan Anda - Experience The Indosat Android

Sebagai komitmen Indosat untuk selalu menjadi yang terdepan dalam inovasi layanan mobile data dan penghargaan untuk komunitas Android di Indonesia, hari ini 22 Feb 2010 dengan mendapatkan dukungan sepenuhnya dari Google Inc. dengan bangga Indosat meluncurkan "Dunia Tanpa Batas di Tangan Anda - Experience The Indosat Android" rangkaian aktifitas dimulai dengan media launching dan undangan terbatas bagi anggota komunitas yg sudah mendaftar beberapa waktu yang lalu. Pada kesempatan ini juga akan diluncurkan pre-order jajaran ANDROID platform devices yang dapat diakses di www.indosat.com/android

Dapatkan handset android dengan harga khusus di Indosat Android Expo, expo khusus Android yang pertama di Indonesia.

HTC Hero

Harga normal: Rp 5.250.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 4.999.000

Bonus Pre-Order:
Aplikasi GPS Teleatlas dengan lisensi 1 tahun penuh

indosat android motorola

Motorola Milestone

Harga normal: Rp 6.250.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 5.999.000

Bonus Pre-Order:
Aplikasi GPS Teleatlas dengan lisensi 1 tahun penuh

indosat android samsung Samsung Galaxy Spica

Harga normal: Rp 3.499.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 2.999.000

Bonus Pre-Order:

  • 2 ekslusive Samsung Galaxy Spica Android T-Shirt
  • Starter Pack
  • Layanan Paket Data unlimited 1 bulan

indosat android LG LG GW 620

Harga normal: Rp 4.399.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 3.499.000

Bonus Pre-Order:
Buletooth Handsfree Prada

indosat android huawei Huawei U8230

Harga normal: Rp 3.799.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 3.499.000

Bonus Pre-Order:
Free SD Card berisi 20 Top Aplikasi, Pouch dan Gimmick2 menarik.

indosat android sony ericsson Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X10

Harga normal: Rp 7.000.000
Harga Pre-Order: Rp 6.500.000

Bonus Pre-Order:
Free Leather case, screen protector, phone stand.

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