Barnes And Noble Android Nook Color gets app SDK

nook sdk Barnes & Noble Android Nook Color gets app SDK

Barnes & Noble has finally released the software development kit for the Android-powered Nook Color and this could lead to multiple apps on the color e-reading tablet.

While the Nook Color is powered by Android, it won’t be able to access the more than 100,000 apps in the Android Market. Barnes & Noble did say that it would be relatively simple to port existing programs over, although it will vet these apps for various criteria.

First of all, you can expect Barnes & Noble to axe the apps with excessive violence or nudity but it will also stop competitors from getting on its platform. Don’t look for the Amazon Kindle app to show up on the Nook Color anytime soon even though porting the Android app should be relatively simple.

With a 7-inch color touchscreen and decent hardware under the hood, the Nook Color could be a decent mobile gaming device. While I’m not expecting the next Rage HD to pop up on it, I could easily see a crossword game or Words With Friends being a bit hit with the e-reader crowd.

Will this be enough to make the Barnes & Noble tablet a big success? It’s tough to tell. While the e-reader has a nice price tag at $250, it may never garner the amount of apps that the Apple iPad has right now.

Additionally, we’re in line to see a glut of Android apps from the likes of Motorola and others that will be able to access many of the programs from the market. We may also start to see a price war for Android tablets and that makes the Nook Color price tag not as appealing.

Still, this is a positive sign for Barnes & Noble Nook Color users, as it will give them more things to do with that tablet.

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Mobile phone display mega shootout: The full picture


There are so many of them that it’s pretty hard to make up your mind. It all boils down to LCD vs. LED although this simple fact is easy to overlook. You can go ahead and blame it all on marketing but that’s one thing that just can’t be black and white. Instead of keeping it simple, manufacturers are busy making up catchy names.

Had enough with LCD? Be our guest, try Super LCD. There’s even Super Clear LCD for the sake of being different. Same with AMOLED. There’s the garden variety. But there’s also Clear Black and Super AMOLED.

Anyway, with so many screens around even we got mixed up. And instead of writing down “We’ll never again mistake regular LCD for Super LCD” three thousand times, we got assigned to do this article. Yes sir. Coming up, boss. It’s about LCD and AMOLED, about Super AMOLED and SUPER LCD. It’s about the Retina display, which technically is a type of LCD.

Display shootout

This is not a story going back to monochrome displays and the dawn of STN and CSTN screens. That would’ve made an even bigger mess. Instead, we’re focusing on present day touchscreen and the varieties it comes in. We have each technology represented and it’s quite a bunch of highly popular and fairly recent phones being judged by the quality of their screen. From the good old LCD to the ClearBlack AMOLED by Nokia – they are all here, with all their strengths and weaknesses.

And here are the contenders, along with the display technology they stand for. In the LCD corner, the HTC Desire HD and LG Optimus 7 are next to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10.

HTC Desire HD LG E900 Optimus 7 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

HTC Desire HD • LG Optimus 7 • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

The Samsung S8530 Wave II is on the enhanced LCD team – technically, it’s Super Clear LCD, the brand name Samsung use to market their own SLCD-based screens. The Retina display is not just another LCD screen either – like the Apple iPhone 4 is not just another phone.

Samsung S8530 Wave II Apple iPhone 4

The Samsung S8530 Wave II • Apple iPhone 4

The Nokia N8 is running for AMOLED, while the C6-01 has Nokia’s ClearBlack technology behind it. Finally, we have a couple of Super AMOLED screens – on the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and Samsung S8500 Wave.

Nokia N8 Nokia C6-01 Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Samsung S8500 Wave

Nokia N8 • Nokia C6-01 • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S • Samsung S8500 Wave

An elite club it is and that goes to show how important screens are. Manufacturers can’t go on for ever offering more and more features, so things like screen quality are becoming a key selling point.

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Lomba Aplikasi Android Berhadiah Rp 400 Juta

JAKARTA, - Buat Anda yang mau tantangan membuat aplikasi, lomba Ericsson Applications Awards – Code for Cash 2011 pantas dicoba. Apalagi, lomba bertingkat dunia tersebut menjanjikan hadiah tak kecil, 30.000 euro atau lebih dari Rp 400 juta.

Lomba ini terbuka bagi mahasiswa dan karyawan perusahaan yang mempekerjakan kurang dari 100 karyawan. Mohon dicatat bahwa partisipasi secara individu tidak akan diterima, namun perserta harus dalam bentuk sebuah tim beranggotakan dua hingga empat orang. Peserta harus menciptakan aplikasi berbasis Android (web atau native) yang menggunakan paling sedikit satu Ericsson Labs API dan memiliki hubungan dengan tema "Connected Things."

"Saya sangat berharap ini dapat menarik peserta terbaik dari Indonesia dan menjadi pemenangnya," kata Mats Otterstedt, Presiden Direktur, Ericsson Indonesia, dalam siaran pers yang diterima

Kompetisi tersebut di bagi menjadi dua bagian, untuk mahasiswa dan satunya lagi untuk perusahaan. Tim pemenang pada setiap kategori akan menerima uang sebesar 15.000 euro dan ponsel dari Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson juga akan menjadi salah satu panel penjurian sebagai salah satu partisipasinya dalam kompetisi tersebut.

Ini merupakan kompetisi tahap kedua setelah event perdana yang sangat sukses tahun lalu, yang telah dimenangkan oleh seorang mahasiswa dari Waterford Institute of Technology, Irlandia. Pemenang aplikasi yang dimenangkan oleh seseorang dari Irlandia ini, dinamakan CallerProfiler untuk Android, mengkombinasikan jaringan sosial dengan IP telephony yang dapat menayangkan informasi dari Facebook dan situs jejaring sosial lainnya saat sebuah telepon masuk diangkat.

Untuk detil informasi mengenai proses aplikasi dan kompetisi, silahkan mengunjungi Kompetisi akan berlangsung hingga 31 Maret 2011, dan hasilnya akan diumumkan pada Juni 2011. Di antara proses seleksi, Ericsson juga menggelar lomba kecil yang bisa dimenangkan.

Nah, mengenai detil informasi proses aplikasi dan kompetisi, silahkan mengunjungi

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