Android and RIM eat into Apple’s share of mobile web

Data just released from web analytics firm Quantcast show that Android’s share of North American mobile web consumption was up 8.3% from January 2010, to 15.2% of total mobile web consumption for the month of February. Apple’s iPhone OS share, which so far has seemed untouchable, dropped 3.2% from January to February 2010, while the share for RIM OS (Blackberry) grew 13.2% in that period, to 9.2%.

What we don’t know is how much of the share growth for Android and RIM OS is a result of organic growth in the number of smartphone users versus iPhone users making a switch.

As Quantcast’s data showed last week, mobile web consumption is growing at a rapid rate. If the pie is getting bigger, then Apple shouldn’t have too much to worry about, even if it’s share of mobile web consumption has dropped from over 70% to just under 64% in the course of a year.

March 1, 2010 | LeeAnn Prescott |

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