Archos 7 Inch Android Tablet To Launch in June

Archos already came out with a 5-inch Android device last fall, but it's clearly hoping to make some waves with its 7-inch, more tablet-y model which is coming out this June. It will sell for $199.99. The Archos device will feature a 600MHz ARM 9 processor (Am I the only one who wishes it was 1Ghz?), Wi-Fi, a USB port, and enough battery life for seven hours of video. That means 44 hours of music playback people!

For me, the most intriguing feature of the Archos 7 has to be the fact that it is only running Android 1.6. That's right, Android 1.6! I just don't know why manufacturers continue to use outdated software. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.

Users will also not have access to the 50,000-plus apps on the Android Marketplace. Instead, you'll have to settle for the custom apps on Archos' own AppLibs storefront. Let's at least hope, these are decent.

Finally, the 7 Home Tablet's 800-by-480 touchscreen only uses resistive technology, which registers taps when the user presses layers of plastic together. Overall, this type of screen is good for a stylus, but not so good for a fingertip. I would also like to mention that most Android phones, the iPhone, and the iPad all use capacitive touch screens. I would assume they chose this screen to keep the price down.

Overall, I am not too sure about this device. I doubt I will purchase it. What do you folks think? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNET

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