Nokia Has An Android Phone After All : NOKIA 900 Dual-Boot Solution

In a recent hack, a user found a way to dual-boot the native Maemo-Linux operating system on the Nokia N900 and also the Android operating system. This hack may be the boost that is needed to give the N900 more traction as it is a powerful device, but due to the developer/hacker-centric approach to Maemo-Linux, the device may not find its way into the hands of many consumers. Having Android as an alternative may make the device more attractive as consumers can still get all the easy to use apps from Android and if they want more power, they can switch back to the versatile and extensible Maemo OS.

At this time, the solution is still a proof-of-concept showing that the dual-booting idea can be done. Hopefully, it can get packaged and loaded onto more N900s out there.

(via: SlashGear)

By: Chuong Nguyen | Date: 25-Jan-10

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