Android rooted Motorola Milestone

Android proudly presents: Root for the Motorola Milestone!

Motorola Android rootet milestone dsc03349.jpg

Root was made possible by:

1. Soda
2. SeraphimSerapis
3. nodch

Many thanks to baking soda and nodch for the exciting wave . . Special thanks to Fritz and my fiancee . . . Furthermore, many thanks to the Italian Andrea by Milestone-Dev for many hours full of ideas (by the developer MarketEnabler) and also to Zinx veritus, who took advantage of the exploit at the droid and then cleared the path for root.

A detailed root-root instructions are set at the Milestone forum: Root / Hacking / Modding milestone for Motorola on

Flashing, there is an error: Please may simply need a flash to make sure that it worked (the error is normal). It should be noted that the root hack can theoretically lead to equipment damage and void the warranty. Your Motorola Milestone remains in Android 2.0, the rest have to make the Rome-Cooker.

Download: Download:
oder: or:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

Kurz-Anleitung: Quick guide:
  1. zip file to rename and copy root on the SD card (directory)
  2. Switch off phone
  3. With camera button and pressed power button to boot up / '\ comes.
  4. Whenever Lautertaste and camera button and text appears
  5. flash

Learn more about this also - Root for the Motorola Milestone is completed. General discussions about the Motorola Milestone in Motorola forum at Milestone Android

Now begins the play -

PS : Terjemahin sendiri ya ..... he he he

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