Top 10 free apps for Android

The Android operating system may not have as many applications as the iPhone, but it is still growing at a pace that can make it difficult to keep up with all of the applications out there.

We’ve gathered up 10 of what we feel are the best applications in various categories to give you some guidence in what you should be taking up valuable space with on your Android based phone. Communicate with friends, play games, check the weather and more because it’s all here!

All of the apps in this list are free, so feel free to explore and try as much as you like!

Bonsai Blast: An addictive and highly professional looking puzzle game that features 90 levels of increasing difficulty for you to master. You can test your skills in the never ending Survival mode or play Adventure mode, collect treasures in bonus levels, swap between multiple shooters and more.


Foursquare: Foursquare is one of the hottest properties in social media right now, and while it may fall out of favor a few months down the road, for now it is the place to be, and this Android app does a very nice job of allowing you to connect with the service.


Meebo: Meebo for Android allows you to talk with all of your friends across the various instant messaging services such as AIM, MSN, GTalk and many others. The program stays on all the time to allow you to receive messages from all of your contacts at all times.


Google Listen: Podcasts keep growing in popularity, and Google Listen allows you to search for podcasts that contain keywords that interest you. You can download those podcasts over the air and listen to them at your convenience.


MySpace: Say what you will about what has become of MySpace, a lot of the problem has been in the form of clutter on the site. Luckily the mobile apps for the service strip the site down to the most essential parts, making it usable again.


Pandora: Just like Netflix is trying to add its streaming service into every conceivable device, it seems Pandora is doing the same by coming to every mobile device it possibly can. Use all of your favorite Pandora features while you are on the go for the day.


Ringdroid: An open source project that is built around the simple concept of clipping MP3 files to make your own ringtones for your phone.


ShopSavvy: ShopSavvy allows you to use your phone’s camera to take a picture of a product’s barcode and receive information on pricing from numerous online shopping sites so you can compare pricing while on the move.


Twidroid: A full-featured Twitter app that gives you support for the vast majority of your favorite features of the service, and even features native image support for Tweeting.


WeatherBug: WeatherBug provides you with live images of your neighborhood, always on emergency alerts, seven day forecasts and more.


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January 18, 2010

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